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70th Anniversary press release

70th Anniversary of ‘The Welsh Great Escape’

March 2015 will see the 70th anniversary of ‘The Welsh Great Escape’ from the WW2 German prisoner of war camp at Island Farm in Bridgend. To commemorate this the Hut 9 Preservation Group will be staging a special anniversary event over the weekend of 7 and 8 March 2015.

The locked doors of the hut that was the scene of the German Great Escape in March 1945 will be open to the public.

Members of the preservation group, dressed in period uniforms, will give talks and guided tours inside the hut, which is usually closed to visitors. WW2 vehicles will also be on site.

The group has worked hard over the past year to kit out several of the rooms as they would have appeared during the Second World War and previous visitors will be able to see the extent of these improvements.

We are planning to construct a replica guard tower, as well as a replica escape tunnel for families to try out their hands at escaping.

Entry is free but donations on the day to the Hut 9 voluntary group, which is seeking to assure the future of the site, are welcomed. Full access to the hut is dependent on the weather and restrictions may apply in order to conserve the fabric and contents of the hut.

Spaces on these free tours are limited. To reserve a space please book now. Email bookings are preferred – conservation& The group’s website address is:

Hut 9 Preservation Group
November 2014


 Event dates   7th - 8th MARCH 2015

70th anniversary of ‘The Welsh Great Escape


2015 is a SPECIAL YEAR for Hut 9. On the 10th of March 2015 it was 70 years from the night of The Welsh Great Escape that started just before midnight on Saturday, 10 March 1945.

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