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Hut 9 preservation group                                 

Island Farm, Former German POW Camp, Bridgend, WALES                   



15 February 2014

A fundraiser for the Island Farm Hut 9 Preservation Group, to help us raise running funds for the various open days we hold throughout the year. This event took place at the front of the Tesco Extra store in Bridgend, Cowbridge road.

As you'll see, this event's setup was multi period, some floor/tabletop displays, with living historians in all of their finery spreading the work of the preservation group, and the importance of saving this iconic building.

fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_131910_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_131912_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_131932_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_131940_small.jpg
fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_131942_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132000_01_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132058_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132110_small.jpg
fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132114_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132256_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132428_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_132456_small.jpg
fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_133244_small.jpg fundraiser_tescoextra_20140215_133252_small.jpg
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