Island Farm Stories


Born in 1934, Mr Leslie Meadows on the right, pictured here with his son, moved to Bridgend with his family when he was around 5 years old. Now at the age of 80 he recalls driving with his dad Samuel on a coke wagon collecting coke from Coity (prisoners would chuck it from the railway truck to the lorry) and then take it to the PoW Camp at Island Farm. Mr Meadows remembers sitting at the back of the lorry with the prisoners and a guard. They would do more than one load at a time. If it was dinner time, he used to have dinner with the prisoners "the normal soldiers" as he called them, not the SS Officers. The prisoners had good food he said; "It was better than what we were having, we were on ration books"... "The prisoners were eating better than us, no wonder why they did not want to escape".

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