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Αn Island Farm History Day. The first of many to come, we hope. It was a free event. Your local history explained. Bridgend Town Council kindly provided the venue, Carnegie House (old Bridgend library). This beautiful and wonderful building in the centre of town was recently restored and refurbished. It is now used by the Town Council and is also available at a very reasonable cost for Art and Cultural events.

It was an entertaining and educational family fun day. We had in excess of 200 visitors. THANK YOU ALL for making our day so successful. Outside Carnegie House an American Jeep and WWII living historians in full uniform. Inside, Hut 9 Preservation Group Members and more living historians were exhibiting and explaining to visitors all about their WWI and WWII war time army kits, weaponry and ammunition. Upstairs, Brett Exton was running a presentation on Island Farm on the hour. Visitors had a chance to have their picture taken, while posing with real WWII riffles and machine guns.

The Hut 9 Preservation Group would like to thank Bridgend Town Council for their solid support, the participating living historians and most importantly YOU, the public and Friends of Hut 9, who helped us have yet another successful Hut 9 event.


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