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Hut 9 preservation group                                 

Island Farm, Former German POW Camp, Bridgend, WALES                   



The current situation

* More than half of the building is currently off-limits owing to the bat population. This obviously restricts usage of the building. Whilst the bat population is in residence, conservation work to this part of the building cannot be done.

The immediate necessities

* The part of the building that is currently available for viewing by the public, is in dire need of extensive work to show it off to its best. Without this work the building will decay through lack of investment and use, and the area will lose an important historical building.


So far

* Since 2013, the Preservation Group has restored the decoration of several rooms to reflect their historic state. A journey through time, where ordnance factory accommodation, British troops, US GI accommodation and the two sets of German POWs are reflected in a phased occupation.

Sources of funding

* So far we are thankful for our visitors' generous donations that over the years have helped us finance improvements to Hut 9, the site and our Visitors Centre on the A48 bypass.

Our aims have become a reality

* Open Weekends twice a year for our visitors where volunteer re-enactors and local historians tell the story through out the 1938-1945 site period.
* Permanent indoor displays of information, artefacts and recreated rooms are on show.
* Our Open Weekends have been a great success. Visitors have shown a very high level of interest in the site, including local and national news and media exposure.
* Local schools and the general public benefit from this historical community resource.

Hut 9 Preservation Group
July 2019


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