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Hut 9 preservation group                                 

Island Farm, Former German POW Camp, Bridgend, WALES                   


4-5 Oct 2014                              

Home Up Hut 9 Rooms

Open weekend

Saturday & Sunday, 4 - 5 October 2014

Visitors should park in the Innovation Science Park (opposite the Heronston Hotel - see location on Google Maps here) and walk from there to and along the A48. There will be a sign at the start of the short path off the A48 that will get you to the Hut 9 compound; it is a 5 minute walk.

We recommend wearing appropriate footwear, since during or straight after wet weather the path to the Hut 9 compound could be part muddy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For everyone's safety, please do not attempt to stop or park your car on the busy and fast traffic A48 road.

Our Event's Photo Albums are here for Saturday & Sunday

Were you there?




Some of the Hut 9 rooms were restored in an attempt to try and recreate how they would have looked during 1940-1948 and members of the Hut 9 Preservation Group and WW2 re-enactors will be telling the fascinating stories of the 4 time-frames of Island Farm:

1940-1944 - Billet for the Royal Ordnance Factory workers.

1943-1944 - American billet for the 109 Field Artillery (28th Infantry Division).

1944-1945 - German POW, Island Farm Camp 198.

1945-1948 - High Ranking German Officer Camp, Island Farm Special Camp XI.

Here is the map showing the Hut 9 rooms and their contents


What's to hear and see during your visit

  • Outside Hut 9, there will be WW2 re-enactors with all their "kit" and and their vehicles (weather permitting).
  • Brett Exton will give a very interesting talk on the complete history of Island Farm.
  • Richard Williams will complement Brett's talk and guide you inside Hut 9.
  • A number of the famous Island Farm wall drawings/ paintings will be on display inside several rooms/ dormitories. Each picture gives a unique insight into the thoughts of a German POW, depicting their home, loved ones or quotes in German.
  • Numerous volunteer re-enactors brought the place to life, dressed as former German PoWs, British Home Guards, American soldiers and Royal Ordnance Factory girls. They will be occupying several rooms/ dormitories with their full uniforms, equipment and brick-a-brac on display. Such equipment would have been used back in the day!
  • Barry Ward (Preservation Group Member and re-enactor) will be talking about the escape; how the tunnel was made and all about the prisoners' preparation prior to the escape.
  • Do not miss our Oral History gazebo, where you can be interviewed by Stel Anthony who shall record audio/ video your experiences or stories about Island Farm, Hut 9, the PoW escape and Bridgend at War in general.

  • Finally, a member of the Hut 9 Preservation Group will guide you around Hut 9 and talk about the escape and the famous Welsh Great Escape Tunnel that is preserved in tact after all these years.

  • This is a FREE for ALL event, so no entry fee! However, as always your kind donations will be much appreciated. Without your generous donations, our voluntary work and effort to preserve Hut 9 and its history will be near impossible!

Thank you all for your support

Hut 9 Preservation Team

To get a taste of things to come, please visit a webpage on Hut 9 and a photo album on VisitPorthcawl.co.uk from our September 2012 Open Doors Event

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