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Island Farm, Former German POW Camp, Bridgend, WALES                   


17-18 Mar 2018                         

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Access to the Hut 9 site

Visitors should park in the Innovation Science Park (opposite the Heronston Hotel - see location on Google Maps here) and walk from there to and along the A48 where the Hut 9 Visitors Centre is (a 5 minute walk). From there you will be guided to the Hut 9 compound.

We recommend wearing appropriate footwear, since wet weather can make the path to the Hut 9 compound muddy.



  • This Event is not suitable for children under 5 years old

  • Only Guide Dogs are allowed on the premises

  • For everyone's safety, please do not attempt to stop or park your car on the busy and high speed traffic A48 road

Our Events are so popular! They get fully booked well in advance...


When the booking process is open (usually 4 weeks before the Event - see this website or our Hut 9 Facebook page), please email to reserve places for our free tours inside Hut 9.


If you have emailed us to request a place for any Event but did not manage to get one because the Event was fully booked, your details will be added to a waiting list. However you still need to email us again (the sooner the better) at, to confirm that you are willing to attend this new Event.


In your email, please specify the day and your preferred time slot. The Hut 9 tours begin on the hour at 10am on Saturday, with the last one commencing at 3pm, and 9am on the Sunday, with the last one commencing at 2pm. Each tour is approximately 90 minutes long.


Places are going fast, so first come first booked... If you do not want to be disappointed, please book your places once the booking process is OPEN (usually 4 weeks before the Event).

Kind reminder


While the Hut 9 tours are free, we will be accepting donations on the days to fund our future work on improving the visitors' experience, so please be prepared to give generously.

The Hut 9 rooms have been restored in an attempt to try and recreate how they would have looked during 1940-1948. Members of the Hut 9 Preservation Group and WW2 re-enactors will be telling the fascinating stories of the 4 time-frames of Island Farm, occupied by the Royal Ordnance Factory workers, the American Forces prior to D-Day, the German POWs (known then as Camp 198) and later the High Ranking German Officers awaiting their Nuremberg Trial (camp was known then as Special Camp XI).

We use your donations to improve your visit experience. Here is the latest map showing the Hut 9 rooms and their contents


What's to hear and see during your visit
  • At the Hut 9 'Visitors Centre', Brett Exton will give a very interesting presentation with photo-slides on the complete history of Island Farm.
  • You shall then be guided to the Hut 9 compound, where there will be WW2 re-enactors with all their "kit" and and their vehicles (weather permitting).
  • Richard Williams will complement Brett's talk inside the Hut's common room.
  • A number of the famous Island Farm wall drawings/ paintings will be on display inside several rooms/ dormitories. Each picture gives a unique insight into the thoughts of a German POW, depicting their home, loved ones or quotes in German.
  • Numerous volunteer re-enactors will bring the place to life, dressed as former German PoWs, British Home Guards, American soldiers and Royal Ordnance Factory or NAAFI girls. They will be occupying several rooms/ dormitories with their full uniforms, equipment and brick-a-brac on display. Such equipment would have been used back in the day!
  • A re-enactor will be talking about the escape; how the tunnel was made and all about the prisoners' preparation prior to the escape.
  • Do not miss our Oral History gazebo, where you can be interviewed by Stel Anthony who will be recording (with your permission) in audio or video format your own or your relatives' memories  or stories about Island Farm, Hut 9, the PoW escape and Bridgend at War in general.

  • Finally you will walk around Hut 9 and walk over the escape tunnel. Ask our re-enactors about the famous Welsh Great Escape Tunnel that is still preserved in tact after all these years.

  • This is a FREE for ALL event, so no entry fee! However, as always your kind donations will be much appreciated. Without your generous donations, our voluntary work and effort to preserve Hut 9 and its history will be near impossible!


We regret that for now, access to the Hut 9 site using a wheelchair is not possible.

Funding permitting, we shall make every effort in the future to enable access for all.


Thank you

Hut 9 Preservation Group


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