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11th - 12th March 2017



To book your place at an Event for a free tour inside Hut 9, please email and tell us how many tickets you need, the day (Saturday or Sunday) and your preferred time slot. The Hut 9 tours begin on the hour at 10am on Saturday (last tour commencing at 3pm), and 9am on the Sunday (last tour commencing at 2pm). Each tour is approximately 90minutes long.



The Hut 9 tours are FREE, but we shall be accepting donations during the Event to fund our current and future work on improving Hut 9 and the visitors' experience.

Please be prepared to give generously! Thank you.



15-16 October 2016

This Event is now fully booked


March 2016 EVENT

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October 2015

Photo Album is here


October 2015 Event - Special News Bulletin

Please note that all Tours for inside Hut 9 during our October 2015 Event are now fully booked. We are so sorry to disappoint you...

If you have already emailed us for a place for this event, your name and request will be automatically be entered in our visitors' list for next year's Event.

Hut 9 will be open again to the public in March 2016, so email to reserve your place

for a FREE tour inside HUT 9 on the 5th & 6th of March 2016.

 March 2015

2015 WAS a special year for Hut 9. On the 10th of March 2015 it will be 70 years from the day of the P.O.W. escape, which actually started just before midnight on Saturday, 10 March 1945. So we are planning some special activities; one more reason to keep an eye on this page...


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Sat -Sun, 4th - 5th OCTOBER 2014

Please note that all Tours for this Event to enter Hut 9 are now fully booked. Not to worry, as there will be more events next year... SEE ABOVE...


Remember this is a FREE Event and a great opportunity to learn and show / teach your children about what a significant part Bridgend played in WW2. We hope to see those of you who booked, there!




HUT 9 OPEN WEEKENDS on Saturdays & Sundays

throughout certain weekends of the year

Due to the popularity of Hut 9, the public interest, the high number of visitors and their feedback from the Open Doors events in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 so far, the Preservation Group decided to have Hut 9 open for public viewing on a more regular basis, i.e. during other weekends of the year, outside the month of September. As always, the entry of such events will be FREE, but any donations on the day, on line or at your Bank will be very much appreciated. These donations, your donations, keep us operational for the public to visit and enjoy the iconic Hut 9 building and the dramatic WW2 events at Island Farm....


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